Why we do it

Here’s why we do it: We meet so many wonderful people and hear your stories.

Sure, we make money, even with our guaranteed best prices and free move planning. But there’s lots of ways to earn a living. For us at family-owned, family-operated Discount Packing Supplies, it’s that human factor that makes our day, everyday. Helping great people and businesses out in a time of change.

Two men smiling behind the counter of moving supplies store. Boxes in background.
Owner/Founder John, and Florida Manager Joe, ready to help you move.

Moving is about renewal, growth, opportunity. Yes, and sometimes loss, letting go. But always about change. And change is where life is both most precious and most in need of “Handle with Care!”

We’ve got over two decades in business, in handling your moving supplies and total move planning, with care. Person to person.