South Florida’s Mortgage Market

Even in the expensive areas of Southeast Florida, most home buyers purchase their new property with a mortgage loan. Whether because it’s the only way a buyer can afford the house she wants, or there’s a deal best made with OPM (Other People’s Money), homebuyers are monitoring the mortgage market – or should be.

Waterway expanding to a lake, with lakeside mid-rise properties on the left and high-rise properties on the distant shore.
Properties around Lake Boca Raton

Well-respected Real Estate news magazine The Real Deal, in their Southeast Florida edition, recently ran a useful overview on the South Florida mortgage market. According to real estate journalist Guelda Voein, though it is still relatively easy to get a mortgage in South Florida, rates are going up and there are some “systemic threats” to the mortgage market. Will that make you move on buying a Southeastern Florida property a little sooner than you may have planned? Or are you going to wait? According to The Real Deal’s reporting, buyers have been jumping into the market faster than expected during the past few months. The full version of the article, from the magazine’s March issue, gives you a lot of background on the mortgage environment and likely changes in both the single-family and the luxury home markets in our very diverse and fascinating area.

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