Choosing your Southeast Florida Community

Smart home shoppers in Southeast Florida, or anywhere, consider many factors when deciding where to live. “Where to live?” means more than “Which house?”, or “Condo, townhouse, standalone home?” – it also means, and often starts with, “Which community?” Sometimes that is an easy question to answer. “Near Mom” or “Quick commute to my new job” or “In a good school district.” But sometimes it’s a harder question, especially when many of the “right answers” to the easy questions about househunting still lead you to several possible places. How do you research schools, facilities, amenities, and very importantly, crime?

map by name of each county in Florida. No geographic nor road detail, just county linesFortunately, there’s the internet! Sites like City-Data (here’s City-Data Florida info) and several others for much of that help. Including specialized information about particular factors influencing home-buying decisions. Here’s a specialty list of Florida communities ranked for violent crime, from our local news outlet, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. Fortunately, and perhaps to some folks’ surprise, a Southeast Florida city does not top that list. Jacksonville, way up in North Florida, has a higher crime rate than Miami. There are of course almost always higher crime rates in larger cities than in smaller, anywhere in the country, but the top-10 for Florida crime include many places outside of our region. And many of our great Gold Coast communities in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, are much further down that crime list. While being quite high on positive factors on other lists.

We encourage you to look into all the important factors, including those most important to you, when choosing your new home. In addition to the many reputable online city-ranking and community information sites, a  Realtor® or other experienced real estate pro has a wealth of community knowledge on locations where you are considering buying or renting. Once you do decide, we’ll be happy to help you move there! Whether just with our boxes, delivered free locally. Or if you like, our professional packing services. Available now here in South Florida as well as back at our original Eastern Massachusetts location. We even can arrange your entire move at either location, to anywhere! Local, national, or even international moves. So wherever you choose to move, let us help take the burden off you.