Hot Weather Moving

Here in South Florida, moving almost anytime of the year is “hot weather moving” with some times just a bit hotter. The warm climate is why so many live here and move to our lovely area. For our friends back up north, including customers of our first Discount Packing Supplies location in Eastern Massachusetts, it can get quite hot during the summertime too.

How should you handle hot-weather moves? It’s not particularly different from any other time, and frankly some of our New England crew prefer that over snowy-weather moves! But a few tips, and a lot of common-sense and some basic courtesy can help.

First some tips:

  1. Everything and everyone slows down a little when it’s really hot. You, your family, our packers, moving company people – we’re all human. Professionals try to keep that in mind, and you may want to “bake that into your schedule” when it’s really baking out there. In some ways the drastic contrast between blasting indoor air conditioning and blazing heat can make things even harder.
  2. Think about what’s in each box, and how long you or the movers will likely be staging it outside near the truck before loading up. It’s not always possible to go direct-carry from your home straight to final location in the moving truck. If there are some items that are overly subject to warping in the heat (maybe your precious collection of vinyl LP records fitting nicely in one of our Book Boxes?), please note that to the movers. Especially if you did the packing or if our Certified Packers did it for you ahead of the move.
  3. Pets and heat don’t mix well. We recently did a longer Pet Moves blog article at our Eastern Mass site which is worth a read, especially for hot-weather moves. Of course, we’re not packing up and moving your pet! But you might be driving or flying off with them as soon as our carefully selected mover partners head off with your belongings toward your new home. Make sure they’re not underfoot, not suffering from the heat, or not scooting out into the hot sun while all the moving-day choreography is happening!

Now let’s talk about the common sense and courtesy:

  1. Let’s all be “cool” on hot days. Moving and packing is stressful enough and is a “controlled chaos” while it’s happening. Everybody might get a bit more sensitive on really hot days. Again, we’re all human, both you and your family, and your moving pros. Trying to be conscious of that can keep things cool.
  2. Hydrate! You’re going to get dehydrated from the heat, even if you don’t initially notice it. Have plenty of ice water, or bottled water, maybe some sports drinks, out and available. Coffee and caffeinated sodas like colas, “dew”, and “doctors” might taste great, and give you a little pick-me-up, but they can give you a take-hydration-out too! Even if you have them as part of your keeping cool, make sure you have non-caffeine cool drinks too.
  3. Remember that “We’re all human” bit? Again, the professional packers and movers are too. You are under absolutely no obligation to offer them soft drinks or refreshment, but it’s a very nice and appreciated thing to do. Especially on those killer-hot days. Do understand that in some cases, pros might turn down your gracious offer, either out of preference or out of an abundance of caution in these modern times. But the gesture will be welcome, and often accepted with thanks!

Regardless of hot or cold weather, except in times of emergency situations and severe weather alerts, your move is going to happen on or near schedule. By keeping in mind these tips, common-sense ideas and courtesy, you, we and our mover packers, and your pets too, can all work together, safely, to make your move a success.

Have other ideas and tips for hot-day moves? Or for other tricky-weather days? Please leave us comments below the article, or on our Facebook, Google+, and Twitter posts of this piece. Thanks for reading and commenting, and we hope we’ll see you on or before your moving day. We can arrange everything about your move, from the boxes to moves, storage, and more, at no relocation management fee at all! Which is another great way to keep things cool.